About the Site

The Truth Manifesto.  What is it you may be wondering?  Or maybe you accidentally clicked on the About The Site tab and now the back arrow isn’t working.  Either way you’re here so you might as well find out.

Primarily focused on Biblical Analysis, Current Events, and Personal Experiences, the Truth Manifesto is, above all else, devoted to finding the truth.  It’s that simple.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It won’t always get there mind you, but that’s the goal.

At the other end of the spectrum it’s a work in progress, undefined and unrefined.  There’s no precedent.

And sandwiched in-between are its desired intentions, in no particular order:

  • Spark debate
  • Point out what’s been overlooked
  • Provoke self-study
  • Provide new perspectives
  • Source of encouragment
  • Be guided by humility
  • To be really, really funny

Additionally, the Truth Manifesto reserves the right to be wrong, to have its contents revised.  It won’t ever pretend to be absolute or without flaws.

So, if it’s something you appreciate, something you benefit from, pass its content onto others.  If on the other hand you find it miserable and uninspiring, well then there’s likely something wrong with you and a re-read may be in order, or in extreme cases, therapy.